WordPress Junkie Wanted

I’m looking for someone to help part-time (from home) with the continued development and management of a handful of niche WordPress web sites. I put them together, but I need someone with more knowledge than I to tweak them, add content, optimize for SEO and SEM, build landing pages and be the go-to-guy(gal) for changes and updates.
The site are:

  • TerminalTractorSales.com
  • TerminalTractorDealers.com
  • TerminalTractor.tv
  • SpotterShop.com
  • (and one or two more)

I need someone who can not only implement, but also proactively build out the sites, create content and apply their own creativity to make the sites better. You will also be submitting the sites to directories, writing and/or posting articles and other SEO activities.
Skills Required:

  • WordPress Expert
  • Understanding of HTML and CSS for the purposes of maintaining the sites
  • Design
  • Writing/blogging for SEO

To apply, please send me the following:

  • A short outline of your WordPress experience
  • Links to other sites you have developed
  • The number of hours you are available per week
  • Your hourly rate
  • Your contact information
  • Your resume

You can use this form to apply: