Consulting InfographicCompanies move through a number of distinct phases in their life cycle starting with the concept or idea phase and moving towards exit in a glorious IPO or acquisition. Mike can assist during a number of these phases with a focus on revenue-generating activities like customer relationships, sales, marketing and management. Mike has a full-time, dedicated support team that includes developers, designers and marketing professionals.

Mike has a broad range of experience in technology, recreation, consumer durables, automotive, food, real estate, and services industries. Working with Mike depends on what phase of your company you are in.



1: Concept Phase: In the beginning, things area a little messy. When you are still getting your thoughts together and trying to figure out next steps, Mike can help you figure out the potential of your idea. At this stage, Mike provides coaching to help you round out your idea and business model. At this stage services include:

  1. Company formation advice
  2. Founder equity splits
  3. Basic branding, naming
  4. Business model design

The best way to engage Mike at this stage is to meet for coffee or schedule a call.

2: Proof of Concept: Turning an idea into a company means focusing on the core activities that help you uncover a business model that can scale. Mike provides early-stage investment of cash and services to help turn ideas into reality. The focus is speed, customer feedback and a minimum commitment of time and money. At this stage, services include:

  1. Creation of minimal viable products for technology and non-tech products
  2. Branding (Gut, Brains & Balls)
  3. Web site and marketing strategy
  4. Online marketing
  5. Content development
  6. Team formation
  7. Investor pitch

During the Proof of Concept phase Mike uses the Slicing Pie model for equity allocation in exchange for cash and services investments. Companies who do not want to use the Slicing Pie model have the option of paying for services.

3: Growth Stage: Once the company has developed a viable business model the next step is to accelerate growth and implement systems that will allow the company to become bigger and more complex. The focus is on structure, creativity and reach. At this stage, services include:

  1. Brand strategy (applying brand to all parts of the business)
  2. Sales systems (CRM, lead generation)
  3. Lead generation
  4. Managing people and projects
  5. Compensation & bonus programs
  6. Sales training & development
  7. Selling tools
  8. Trade Show marketing

Mike provides services on a project or retainer basis.

4: Diversification: A company that has a mature business needs to foster internal innovation in order to re-enter growth cycles. Thinking like a startup can help create an atmosphere of creativity. Mike can help implement innovation programs at your organization. Services include:

  1. Innovation challenges
  2. Workshops & seminars
  3. Management coaching

Exit: Mike hopes you’ll remember him when it comes to post-IPO parties!