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Spare No Expense- A Philosophy for Bootstrapping

Let’s all agree that the reason for embarking on your start-up mission is to make money. There could be other reasons, but for argument sake we’ll pretend the point of the start-up is to generate positive cash flow so that it can get past the “start-up” phase, into the “growth” phase and finally into the “acquire-Google-phase”. Continue reading

Planning- the Role of Luck

Two fine fellows set out to make $1 million in a year. They both write their business plans and get started. A year later the first fellow has made $500,000 and the second fellow made $10,000,000. Which one is the better businessman? Continue reading

Understanding Socially Conscious Businesses

In business the term “socially conscious” is thrown around a lot these days and I’m not sure people really understand what it means to a business model. And, while I am certainly not against being charitable or socially conscious, I think it is important that entrepreneurs need to carefully understand the implications of being socially conscious and build a business model that reflects that understanding. Continue reading

Saltwater Bag

WaterHere is another one of the tackle boxes I invented with my friend Daniel Arsenault. It’s a bag that is designed to be used on a saltwater fishing boat that can be hosed off at the end of the day.

Daniel was coming up with some product concepts when he had an idea to do a bag that was made like a rubber rain boot. Nobody at Plano really took to the idea, but I kept pushing them because I thought it had merit and I included it in a market test at the Bassmaster Classic. It got high marks.

However, the design hit a wall when we couldn’t get a zipper to move around curves and still be waterproof. My idea was to add a “rain hat” like cover. So, there is a lid with a regular zipper and another lid that acts like a rain hat over the entire top. The user lifts up the hat and can easily access the zipper. Volia! A new product is born.

This new product is part of the 2009 tackle lineup.


Bucket Top Tackle Box

 BucketTopHere is one of the fishing tackle boxes that I invented. The idea came out of an afternoon brainstorming session with the engineer from Plano Molding Company. We were talking about how to fit their plastic utility boxes into a waterproof bag. Due to the shape of the bag we talked a little about a large round utility box (Plano aready had small round boxes).

The engineer said they had once considered a round box to fit into a 5-gallon bucket that many fishermen use. I came up with the idea to put an edge around it so that it would double as a seat. Voila! New product born.

The engineer (John) did all the design and CAD work so I can’t take credit for that, but I did come up with the basic concept. I did some research on a mock-up at the Bassmaster Classic and the design was a huge hit.

The bucket-top tackle box is in the new product lineup for 2009.

The Snail

A man hears a knock at the door and opens it. There is nobody there. He looks down and sees a snail on the doorstep. He picks it up and throws it out into the yard.

About three years later he gets another knock at the door. He opens it, there is nobody there. He looks down and sees a snail on the doorstep. The snail looks up at him and says, “what the hell was that all about???”

Your Role Model

It’s amazing how this works….!  It’s so accurate.

Use this simple math to discover your ideal role model.

When finished, click “read more” to find the right person.

It’s really weird how well this works!

1)  Pick your favorite number between 1-9

2) Multiply by 3 then

3) Add 3

(4) Then again multiply by 3 (I’ll wait while you get the calculator….)

(5) You’ll get a 2 or 3 digit number….

(6) Add the digits together

Now , click “read more”

Continue reading


Pandora Internet Radio is an online radio service based on the Music Geonome Project which was some research that identified similarities among songs.

You input a couple of your favorite songs or singers and it will automatically pick other songs and other singers that sound similar. It is free and quite cool.

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