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Simple Web Applications Make Buisness Easier

There is a trend towards software simplification out there on the Internet. The key elements are simple and useful. I remember in the early days of the internet the applications were all created from scratch. People had to concentrate on the killer app and could only include core technology. Those with a good UI caught on. Quicken.com was a great financial site, for instance (it’s morphed into a personal financial site now, not too bad.) Over time these applications fell victim to “feature creep” and the programs got really eleaborate and complex.

Competition was kept out of the market because development costs were high. Now, thanks to cool development tools like Ruby on Rails and AJAX, development is faster and cheaper. Simple versions of complex applications can be produced to capture a segment of the market that only needs core functionality.

37signals.com was no doubt a pioneer in the space with Basecamp, Writeboard, Tada Lists and Highrise. I never really took to their applications because they always missed some essentials, but I keep coming back to them to see if I can make them work.

YCharts.com is a simple charting program

Many of these sites are great for entrepreneurs because they are cheap and easy to use. I’m a big fan of Salesforce.com, but it’s not cheap and it is getting complicated to configure. Feature creep killed a lot of the good online apps for me. Quickbooks.com, for example. Can’t use it, don’t have time. Too much stuff.

 Here are a few others that I’ve noticed in my travels along the information superhighway (remember that silly term?):

  • Expensify.com has a cool site designed to simplify expense reports.
  • Outright.com is a good alternative to Quickbooks.com
  • YCharts.com is a new site that does fundamental charting. Very cool. I used to run a financial site (PCQuote.com), YCharts.com is way better.
  • ToDoist.com I use this for to-do lists all the time

There are many others, but I can’t remember them right now…more later.

My Sister at NASDAQ

My sister, Kendra Foley, works in development for Cambridge University. The chairman rang the bell at Nasdaq on December 02, 2009 and she was there. Here is a picture of her from the Nasdaq.com site. She is the one in the red sweater. (She was the one who had the 800 year sign made.)

Kendra Foley

Seems like she did the NYSE bell-ringing thing once too. She keeps pretty busy. I wonder what the exchanges do when thing are bad. Do they ring a bell with a deeper, more ominous sound?

Chocolate Covered Bacon

I’ve never tried it, but ever since I heard about it I’ve learned that it’s not that surprising to many people. Apparently people eat chocolate-covered bacon all the time. They say chocolate is good for your heart. That must mean it counteracts the artery-clogging fat in bacon. Hooray!

Chocolate Bacon


I added my blog feed to both Amazon.com and Facebook.com today. I also added a social bookmark link to my site, www.MikeMoyer.org.

So… if this works my blog will now start appearing on Facebook.com and, starting with this post, on Amazon.com too.

Just for the fun, I’ve added this picture of my son, Anson, and I from last summer (2009).
Anson and Dad


popchipsI tried Popchips today and I was pretty impressed. They are quite tasty and to the untrained consumer (me) they appear to be more healthy than fried chips and more delicious than baked chips. I would be willing to go so far as to say they are as delicious as fried chips, but, I’ve only tasted the originals.

Nice job, Popchips.