About this Blog

The purpose of this blog is to help me keep track of things (or brag about myself).

I regularly research ideas or cool sites or designers or other topics that I find interesting. For instance, I once posted a post about Outright, a cool accounting site (yes, I know, accounting is generally not cool; but bear with me). I may bring it up in conversation and tell someone about it. I say, “hey, if you want to check Outright out I posted a link to my blog!”

And they say, “cool, what’s the blog address?”

And I say, “MikeMoyer.org. I wanted MikeMoyer.com but somebody already has it and wants me to cough up a bundle of cash to buy it so I’m just using the ‘.org’ version.”

And they say, “That sucks that someone bought your name and is now trying to charge you a bundle of cash. How much do they want?”

And I say, “Enough to choke a donkey.”

And they say, “Dang.”

And I say, “I know. I have Mike-Moyer.com, but I’m afraid people will forget the dash. I also have Mike-Moyer.net, and Mike-Moyer.org, and MikeMoyer.net (no dash), and MikeMoyer.me, and MikeMoyer.info. Who ever goes to a ‘.info’ site though?”

And they say, “Not me. I’ve never gone to a ‘.info’ site. It sounds lame. Like a ‘.biz’ site.”

And I say, “Yeah, but I know a couple of ‘.biz’ sites that are legit, but I know what you mean.”

Anyway, the conversation can go on like that for hours. The important part is that whatever we were talking about on the first place can be found on this blog. In this case, they could find Outright.com.

And yes, in case you were wondering, Outright.com pays me to talk about them (but only if you click on the link and sign up for a free account, hint, hint). Not everyone on this blog pays me, but Outright.com does so I used them for this example.

If you’ve read this far you must be someone who cares enough about my thoughts to keep reading so thank you, I’m flattered.

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