My sister, Robin, writes for a blog that is aptly named “Robin’s Resources“. It’s a sweet gig. She basically shops and then writes about her experiences in the shop. Let me give it a try:


Highland Park, IL

Sort of stinky, not well merchandised, dusty candy, very convenient.

Mike’s note: Not a big fan of Slurpees, I can do without the blue lips

Who you’ll see shopping here: Random people who don’t appear to be from the area

Their specialty: Snacks, beer and porn– what else is there?

What you should buy: A hot dog from the all-day hot dog roller

What you may not know but should:

  1. The 7-Eleven franchise is the largest i chain store in the US with almost 37,000 outlets
  2. July 11th is “7-11” day in the US, but in Australia 7-11 day is November 7th
  3. Smoking appears to be permitted

Well, I’m not sure I captured the essence of Robin’s Resources, you’ll have to visit there to make your own judgement…



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