For those who attended the Global New Venture Challenge Brand Presentation on January 9, 2010 in London, here are the slides from that presentation.

By the way, there was a quick comment about the fact that the class had taken a marketing class, but branding was not included. Here is an important point about branding in general that will help you avoid major branding mistakes: Branding is Not Marketing. Many people assume that because brands often include logos and pictures and web sites that they are marketing functions. That is a major misconception. Branding is as much about operations, HR, accounting, sales, R&D and every other department as it is about marketing.

Marketing often plays a major role in supporting the overall brand, but they do not own it.

Keep this in mind as you think through your own companies and brand stories. Do not make this a marketing function. If you do, it will likely fail!


GNVC Brand Presentation-Moyer-Jan10



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