The following is our 2009 Christmas letter. It didn’t make it into the envelope this year so…

This summer Anson was running down the hall in his grandparent’s house when he “lost control” and broke his arm. Certainly a harbinger of things to come, it wasn’t long ago that he woke us up at 5:00 am to ask if he could have a hang glider. “Absolutely,” said Mike before going back to sleep- and he meant it. Now that Anson has learned to snow ski and skateboard, hang gliding seems like an equally effective way to hurt himself. Last year was the tooth, this year the arm, next year he will certainly puncture a lung. We are prepared for anything.

Merrily joined Anson at Ravinia Nursery School this year and they are both getting along just fine. Merrily recently discovered that she loves the mall. Innocence lost. She grew hair this year, which was exciting for the whole family. We now have a special place in our house reserved especially for bows.

We’ve had a busy travel year with the usual trips to Tan-Tar-A, Cape Cod, Florida, New Orleans, Lake Geneva and Grand Rapids. Mike found himself fishing in Nicaragua, teaching in England, and eating seahorses in China. Now that he is working closer to home he can give the passport a rest- at least until January.

If you were reading last year you may remember we remodeled our kitchen and were planning on moving. We’re not moving so instead we decided to remodel our kitchen again paying homage to the old adage “He who is not married to Anne Moyer, does not remodel his kitchen once a year.” The good news is that, thanks to new floors, Anson’s cars can roll smoothly from the living room, through the front hall, and into the dining room where they can crash into the legs of the dining room table. It’s fantastic. We hope you will all get the chance to give it a try yourself.

We are looking forward to two-o-ten and to good news for everyone on!

Most sincerely,

Mike, Anne, Anson and Merrily

PS- I am sorry to report that one of our birds died this year. We don’t know whether it was Abercrombie or Finch- they looked the same. He (or she) died of natural causes; we did not accidently suck it up in the vacuum cleaner like the last one…



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