October 6, 2009

Protein Bars

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I’m in search of a tasty Protein Bar. I’ve tried quite a few. Here are some of my thoughts:

Organic Food Bar- “Protein” Flavor- 22 grams of Protein

  • Brown, no coating
  • Tastes chalky, kind of nasty

Nitro-Tech Hardcore- Strawberry Cheesecake- 30 grams of Protein

  • White chocolate coating
  • Nice taste, slightly sour aftertaste
  • Bigger than most, a bit too big
  • Expensive, almost $3.00

Nitro-Tech Hardcore- Pumpkin Pie- 30 grams of Protein

  • Barf

Balance Bar- Yogurt Honey Peanut- 15 grams of Protein

  • White chocolate coating
  • Nice taste, but peanut chucks make me think my teeth are chipping
  • Smaller than most
  • Less expensive, a box of six cost around $5-$6 at Target

PowerBar Protein Plus- Vanilla Yogurt- 23 grams of Protein

Best taste so far, smooth, kind of creamy

  • White chocolate coating
  • Good size, filling
  • Hard to find sometimes
  • Expensive, about $2.75 each

Cliff Builder’s Bar- Peanut Butter 20 grams of Protein

  • Chocolate coated
  • Kind of dry
  • Getting tired of the taste

Honest Food Bar– Almond Trail Mix

  • I forgot how much protein
  • Delicious!
  • Expensive, $2.50 each
  • Good Web site



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