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I added my blog feed to both and today. I also added a social bookmark link to my site,

So… if this works my blog will now start appearing on and, starting with this post, on too.

Just for the fun, I’ve added this picture of my son, Anson, and I from last summer (2009).
Anson and Dad


popchipsI tried Popchips today and I was pretty impressed. They are quite tasty and to the untrained consumer (me) they appear to be more healthy than fried chips and more delicious than baked chips. I would be willing to go so far as to say they are as delicious as fried chips, but, I’ve only tasted the originals.

Nice job, Popchips.


The following article was written by my uncle, John Brock, who is a Geo-engineer from Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s a very succinct argument against Global Warming. Pretty convincing. I don’t feel so bad about not trading in my Clunker now!

I was attracted to the recent Tulsa World Readers Forum article, “Geoengineering: Is it the Solution?” by Law Professor Rex Zedalis because I’ve been practicing Geoengineering for 56 years. The article recapped Geoengineering ideas of how to reduce energy from the sun (and thereby reduce global warming) by various schemes of shielding the earth by using mirrors or clouds of small particles in outer space, etc. This would be the equivalent of having Atlas hold an umbrella between the earth and the sun and just as likely. His intuitive conclusion was correct. DON’T DO IT! Professor Zedalis has lived long enough to suspect an unworkable idea when he sees it. He apparently made his decision based on his experience and his gut feel about the proposals. It would be wonderful if all laymen would do the same without the influence of those infamous witch doctors Michael Moore and Al Gore. Continue reading


Awsome Smart Car

The Smart Car has taken America by storm. It’s a great little car, except for the fact that it doesn’t look very cool. I like cool or classic cars or both. The Smart Car gives me neither. It’s not even that unique anymore.

However, this Smart Car is different. They made these for a few years but cancelled production after too many warranty claims. It was never distributed in the US. Why, God? Why???

Smart Car

Protein Bars

I’m in search of a tasty Protein Bar. I’ve tried quite a few. Here are some of my thoughts:

Organic Food Bar- “Protein” Flavor- 22 grams of Protein

  • Brown, no coating
  • Tastes chalky, kind of nasty

Nitro-Tech Hardcore- Strawberry Cheesecake- 30 grams of Protein

  • White chocolate coating
  • Nice taste, slightly sour aftertaste
  • Bigger than most, a bit too big
  • Expensive, almost $3.00

Nitro-Tech Hardcore- Pumpkin Pie- 30 grams of Protein

  • Barf

Balance Bar- Yogurt Honey Peanut- 15 grams of Protein

  • White chocolate coating
  • Nice taste, but peanut chucks make me think my teeth are chipping
  • Smaller than most
  • Less expensive, a box of six cost around $5-$6 at Target

PowerBar Protein Plus- Vanilla Yogurt- 23 grams of Protein

Best taste so far, smooth, kind of creamy

  • White chocolate coating
  • Good size, filling
  • Hard to find sometimes
  • Expensive, about $2.75 each

Cliff Builder’s Bar- Peanut Butter 20 grams of Protein

  • Chocolate coated
  • Kind of dry
  • Getting tired of the taste

Honest Food Bar– Almond Trail Mix

  • I forgot how much protein
  • Delicious!
  • Expensive, $2.50 each
  • Good Web site