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Hi, I'm Mike Moyer. Thanks for stopping by!

I don't write books unless I'm pretty sure the concept is going to completely blow your mind. If you're a startup with partners struggling to figure out how to divide up equity the Slicing Pie model will blow your mind. 

If you are trying to become a better presenter my book Pitch Ninja will blow your mind. If you're exhibiting at trade shows my book Trade Show Samurai will blow your mind.

I write books and start companies to create awesome lessons and kick ass stuff. I hope we can work together!

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A startup equity calculator and learning resources for founders.

MosquitOasis: a pop-up mosquito net tent for Scouting BSA summer camps. (started with his son).

A cotton candy spinning service for parties and events (started with his daughter).

The easiest way to schelp your skis and boots to and from the mountain (started with his other son).

On Slicing Pie

Mike Moyer presents at 1871 business incubator in Chicago

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Book Reviews

We absolutely love Slicing Pie and will never even think about going back to the old school way of equity splits. Thanks again for such a great idea and product. It is a game changer for entrepreneurs.

Bruce Hymas

Thanks so much for writing this book - it is a masterpiece of clarity and common sense!

ADAM waterhouse

The simplicity of this model has blown me away. It completely eliminates the stress of considering the fairness among owners!

ed dewsnap

Loved it. Quite possibly changed my life

Joshua Pittman

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